“Providing an opportunity for all children to get quality education”

The Mookerji Foundation will work towards creating a world where all children have access to education that will give them the best chance to succeed in life. We will do so by taking on projects to improve schools, providing tutoring and financially enabling children in need. We will do so worldwide focusing on the most underprivileged children everywhere.

From the Presidents desk.....

A wise man once told me that anything a person does selflessly for others comes back multi-fold in many different ways and in much larger measures. Over the past few years, leading the Mookerji Foundation has proved that right for me! Every time we take on a new project, I benefit in so many ways: I make new friends, discover the positive wonders of human nature, and of course get immense satisfaction of having made a difference in the lives of a few people.

The Mookerji Foundation (previously known as the SPI Foundation) was founded in 2007 and has undertaken many worthwhile educational projects. Most of our projects revolve around helping children in Government schools of Mysore. We have taken up several projects to help educate children.

The Mookerji Foundation has adopted three Government schools in Mysore. We have many volunteers that go to the schools and teach them spoken English on Saturdays, help organize sports day. Our volunteers have been actively tutoring several children once a week. I am happy to say that these children show remarkable progress and flourish from the one – on – one attention that they get from our volunteers. We also help them celebrate world disability day, prizes , help them with note books, school uniforms and clothes for the school year among other  things. The Foundation also helps the schools with their much needed infrastructure repairs and new construction. We have also organized several health camps for these children.

The Foundation has also undertaken a project at the Old Age Home, where we provide the Sisters with their monthly provisions, medicines etc. We also awarded the KK Mookerji award of one lakh rupees to the Little Sisters of the Poor, with which they were able to procure many beds for the inmates at the home. Most of all our volunteers spend some quality time with the elderly to keep them company.

Another project that is dear to my heart is the Water Distribution at the Mysore Dasara procession - For the past four years we have been invited to distribute water to the participants and police during the world famous Dasara procession. We have over 150 volunteers who show up at 6:00 am on the morning of the procession ready to distribute water and snacks to the parade participants. It is a very long day for our volunteers who stay on till midnight to finish up with the cleaning before they can go home. In addition to the water we also serve dinner to around 2800 policemen after the procession is done.

Keeping Mysore city greener is another initiative that we work towards - Every year we plant over a hundred saplings in and around the city of Mysore.

The Foundation also organizes Blood Drives for St Josephs hospital two to three times a year. Our goal is to get at least a hundred units of blood at every event.

Come and join us and participate in the big or small initiatives that the CSR team keeps on doing every now and then. We have many volunteers that have signed up to help at many events. Come and see what all the joy is about.

Sophie Mookerji