We also help out an Old Age Home that is run by Little Sisters of the Poor. The Sisters live on charity and have made

it their life’s work to take care of all homeless, old and sick people that come across their doors. They currently take care of around 150 elderly people. These elderly folks have been abandoned by their children , or homeless and sick with no one to take care of them at home. The nuns go from house to house every day looking for help. The Foundation helps out with groceries on a monthly basis. We provide basics like rice, oil, sugar, milk powder, lentils etc. On occasion our volunteers have given the whole community lunch , sweets etc. During the holidays every year the Foundation gives them warm clothing like sweaters, shawls etc. We also provide adult diapers and medicines on a regular basis.

The Old Age Home was the recipient of the KK Mookerji Award in 2015 which is a cash prize of One Lakh Rupees, which is given every year to the most deserving NGO in Mysore. The Sisters used this cash to purchase much needed beds for the elderly.

Other than groceries, medicines our Volunteers spend some quality time hanging out with the elderly on the weekends. The joy on their faces is worth every minute spent in their company.