In the year 2014 we adopted another Government school. This one was for blind, deaf and mute children.

They had classes from 1st  to 10th standard. It was amazing to see the resilience of these children.  They were motivated to study, play sports take part in music and drama on a national level. They were always smiling ready to face the world.
These are a few of the things that we have helped the school so far :

  1. Constructed new toilets for the school.
  2.  A 3.5 KVA UPS with an in-built battery was installed for the computer lab, at the School for the Deaf, dumb & blind children. The computers which were present in the school did not have the UPS facility which was very much needed due to frequent power cuts in the School locality.
  3. One of our volunteers repaired their Braille printer which they had written off , thus saving the school 1.5 crore Rupees by not having to purchase a new one.
  4. Our volunteers visit the school on weekends and get engaged with the children.
  5. One of our on-going projects is that we sponsor the World Disability Day for the state of Karnataka. This is held at Mysore every year. We sponsor all prizes for all the children, and provide lunch for all the participants and their parents as they would have traveled from far to attend this event. There are approximately 800 students participating every year.
  6. The Foundation introduced a new way of teaching for the students at the “School for the Deaf, Dumb & Blind” coping to the modern education system where “Smart Class” software was installed, to make learning more effective and interesting for the students, where the subjects are taught by using audio & visual graphics.
  7. The K.K. Mookerji Award (Best NGO) was given to the “School for the Deaf, Dumb & Blind where a cheque of 100,000 INR was awarded by the Mookerji Foundation during the SPI Annual Day celebration.