Update on July 19th 2017

Smriti is now 5 years old and currently in Lower Kindergarten. She likes going to school and her best friend is fellow HCC student Monika. Smriti is in the top 3 students of her class. During her free time she likes to lay outside, skip rope,and color pictures. Her favorite foods include apples and biscuits. Smriti helps her aunt during school breaks by washing clothes and cleaning the house. Smriti's aim in life is to be a doctor !

Update on May 2nd 2016

The Mookerji Foundation has also sponsored Smriti as of May 2nd 2016.

Smriti is a mischievous girl who loves to play with her brother Anish. We asked her who is her best friend, and she named her brother. She is very pleased to be attending the same school as her brother.  She just started her school and is studying in Nursery.   She got a B+ Grade(3.31) in her First Terminal Examination which is 70% & above marks. She is a wonderful girl, and we love to spend time with her and Anish.

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