In October 2016 we sponsored Monika , who lives in an internally displaced persons (IDP) camp in Rasuwa with her maternal grandfather. They were displaced from upper Rasuwa during the April 2015 earthquake that trigged deadly landslides, which destroyed their home and land, and rendered their entire VDC unsafe to inhabit. Her grandfather is a drunkard, and regularly leaves Monika alone for a week or more at a time while he searches for labor work in far away areas.  Four years ago, Monika’s mother was convicted of infanticide and has been incarcerated since. During the time of her mother’s arrest, Monika’s father also disappeared and no one has heard from him since. In the same year, her grandmother died because of tension and heart problems. This little girl goes tent to tent begging for food. She crawls up and find a place to sleep anywhere in the IDP camp. She is healthy but she has many untreated wounds in her body. Despite of all these difficulties she manages to go to a nearby, local public school on a regular basis.

Sponsored Children in Nepal