Update on July 19th 2017

Manju is 12 years old and currently in grade 5. Her favourite subject in school is English because she finds it easy. She has many good friends and among them a classmate named Rina is her best friend. Her chores at home include cooking and washing clothes, and during her school break she enjoyed catching up on sleep! Her aim in life is to be a nurse so she can help sick people. Manju says red is her favorite color and she enjoys eating mangoes, apples and noodles- we bought her some mangoes on her last trip! She wants to thank her supporters for helping her and educating her.


Update on May 2nd 2016

The Mookerji Foundation has also sponsored Manju Tamang as of May 2nd 2016.

Manju Tamang, is the daughter of Subash’s elder sister. Manju is 11 years old and is going into Grade 5 this year. She is friendly and caring, and enjoys her studies. She was quite devastated by the death and destruction she experienced during the earthquake and landslide, but seems to be doing better, now one year after the terrifying events. HCC is hoping to help her to skip ahead one grade, with extra tutoring and teacher support. She helps to take care of her cousins, Anish and Smriti who study at the same school.