Update on July 19th 2017

Anish is now 6 years old and studying in Upper Kindergarten. He likes going to school and his favorite subject is Nepali - he is currently 2nd in his class ! He says his classmate Sushant is his best friend because he is helpful and kind hearted. During his free time, Anish likes to play outside, sing, dance and go fishing in the river by his house. His favorite color is green and he enjoys eating pineapple the most. Anish's aim in life is to serve in the Nepali army.

Update on May 2nd 2016

The Mookerji Foundation has also sponsored Anish as of May 2nd 2016.

Cheerful and smart,  Anish currently studies in LKG.  He stood 2nd in his class, getting 84.15% distinction marks in his final examination of Nursery.   The previous grading system in Nepal consisted of Distinction (80% & above), 1st Division (60%& above), 2nd Division (50% & above), and 3rd Division (40% & above).  After undergoing a change, Nepal’s grading system follows a letter grading system of A,B,C and D.  In this year’s 1st Terminal Examination he scored “A” grade (3.52) which is an 80% and above marks. Anish is always smiling and particularly loves staying in a hostel. He greatly enjoys the opportunity to play with new friends.

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